Image Specifications

Image Quality Standards

We, at Rewa Images, believe that a quality marketplace demands quality content which means the best from our contributors. Images captured by the contributor must be uploaded only in the digital format. We recommend that you maintain an accurate focus, a clean camera lens, good lighting conditions, and proper camera settings. While we would love to see a lot of your work, avoid submitting similar shots. We trust you to pick the best. As a photographer, we recommend that you edit your own work.


File Size and Dimensions

All images submitted to Rewa Images must be of shortest edge resolution, greater than 1200px. We recommend the images to submitted at the highest quality so as to produce the best file dimensions.


The Right File Formats

We accept images in JPG and PNG(for vectors) formats. Make sure you save the file in the required format before uploading it.


Naming your Files

Stick to simple file names that do not contain any special characters, symbols or accents. While digits are allowed, refrain from using full stops (.) , quotation marks (“ ‘), commas, spaces and dashes.


Colour Profile

All image files uploaded on our platform must adhere to the Standard Red Green Blue (sRGB) colour space due to its wide acceptance. We do not accept CMYK files or differing resolutions. Black and white images must be desaturated RGB files, not grayscale. 

Please note that images submitted to Rewa Images in a different color profile are likely to be altered during conversion to sRGB.


Legal Requirements

You must be the copyright owner of any image you make available for licensing on our platform. Please make sure that you agree to all the terms and conditions in our Contributor Agreement before giving us your content.

We are happy to provide you with any assistance. Write to us at

Content Classification

Editorial Vs Creative

We, at Rewa Images, focus on both Commercial and Editorial content.


Can only be used for editorial purposes (Usage documenting newsworthy content)

Very minimal editing like cropping, exposure adjustments and conversion to black and white are acceptable

Importance given for factual descriptions, including location, date, and description of the photograph

Cannot be used to sell, promote, or monetize a business, product or service


Can be used to sell, promote, or monetize a business, product or service

Can be creatively enhanced or manipulated in editing software (Digital Art and Vectors can be submitted as Creative content)

Creative content should not contain logos, business names and recognizable people without model/property releases

Can be used for advertising, websites, blogs, presentations, video productions subject to agreement

Content Exclusivity

Rewa Images offers you two options to market your content. You have the right to decide which type of image exclusivity you want to share with Rewa Images. The more number of exclusive images you upload, the higher are your chances of becoming a Premium Rewa Contributor. We encourage our contributors to share their content exclusively with us and thereby earn a Premium Rewa Contributor tag.


An image that you make available in the market, solely through Rewa Images is known as an Exclusive Image.

An exclusive commitment with Rewa Images is guaranteed to fetch you additional benefits.


A non-exclusive image would be one that you are allowed to sell on multiple platforms.

A non-exclusive commitment with us means that you are free to market your content in other platforms and by any other means.

Preparing your Files

Your content is of utmost value to us. The better your images perform in the market, the better is your chance at building a perfect portfolio.

For your content to perform well in the market, it is not only important that the content is impressive. The words you weave around the image are golden. The wiser the words, the better the selling prospects. 

Here is a quick guide to creating the information around your content.

The Perfect METADATA in 8 steps:

  • The Apt Title

A unique and short title. The title should serve as the outline of the image. Focus on the subject or the event in the image.

  • The Accurate Description

The description should contain answers to the 5Ws of the image – Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Think of the description as a short story behind your image

  • The Appropriate Type

Choosing the appropriate type of image is vital as it lands the image in the right target market.. Images that do not have a model release or property release when applicable are Editorial Images. Images that have model release and property release are Creative or Commercial Images. Know More

  • The Relevant Categories

We make your work easy by providing you a list of categories to choose from. Keep in mind that choosing the relevant categories for your uploads help people discover your content better.

  • The Right Tags

Choose the right keywords for hitting the right targets. The right tag is the right representation of your image. It is directly related to the content of the image, highlighting its key elements.

  • The Exact Location

The location where an editorial image was captured provides context and establishes the truthfulness of that particular image. Make sure you enter the exact city, the state where the image was taken.

  • The Month & Year of Click

The month and year of clicking, place the image in a proper time frame. The time frame of an editorial image is more vital as it establishes the timeliness of an image.

  • The Crucial Decision

Arrive at the right decision to fulfill your path. Whether you want your fruit exclusively on our tree is one crucial decision you gotta make.  

Want some help making this decision? Click here to know more


Your account must contain only your work and should not be shared with anyone else.

Our policy restricts the usage of multiple accounts by a single contributor.

We suggest that a Rewa Contributor be at least 18 years old. This is in the best of all our interests.